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Promotes Relaxation

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Kava is traditionally used by South Pacific Islanders for relaxation and ceremonial purposes.
The powdered kava root contains active compounds known as kavalactones, which work to reduce the amount of chemical activity in the brain and nervous system.

Kava Latte Recipe

Add kava root powder and maple syrup to almond milk. #SpoonTip: for a more potent beverage, add a full tablespoon of powder to one cup of liquid. …

  1. Heat on stovetop over medium heat until hot, but not boiling. Photo by Rose Gerber.
  2. Blend using a normal blender or immersion blender. …
  3. Top with cinnamon, if desired.

Other names

Kava kava, kawa, waka, lewena, yaqona, grog (Fiji), sakau (Pohnpei), ‘awa (Hawaii), ‘ava (Samoa) and wati (New Guinea)

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