The craft flower tea is made of high-quality Maofeng green tea, silver needle tea and dehydrated flowers, which are hand-refined. The tea has a peculiar shape. The small flowers in the cup are beautiful and beautiful, touching and attractive. At the same time, it integrates the color, aroma, taste and shape of tea, containing a perfect artistic heritage and is a very popular drink.

“Haibei Tuzhu” (Huangshan Tea-Seashell Pearl) or 海贝吐珠 (Hǎi bèi tǔ zhū) is handmade, individually packed chinese flowering green tea

The shape is like a seashell, dark green, revealing the white cents. Haibei Tuzhu has the functions of soothing the liver, dispersing depression and appetizing. After brewing, it looks like a rainbow and looks like a flower basket. The soup is clear and delicious, with one bud and two leaves showing green. See the picture on the right below, with Gongju (below) and Baimei (above). This tea is about one kilogram per 180 flowers, of uniform size and 6% water content.

The color is yellow-green, with white hazel, brewing like a blooming snow lotus, surrounded by a string of green plum buds on the petals, the soup color is yellow-green, and the fragrance is long lasting. Sweet, with 6% water content.

“Love at First Sight” or 一见钟情 (Yījiànzhōngqíng) is a Amaranth and jasmine peach flavoured flowering white tea. Beginning as a ball this tea opens like a flower blooming. With outer petals of delicate white tea (silver needles), inner blossoms of pink globe amaranth, two blossoms of white jasmine and its delicious peach flavour, this tea is beautiful as well as delicious.

“Step by step rising” 步步高升 is a craft tea with yellow chrysanthemum as the main component. After three yellow chrysanthemums are brewed with hot water, they protrude out of the wrapped tea leaves, one by one, layer by layer, just like a blue sky. Soaring.

 “Double Happiness” or  双喜临门 (Shuāng xǐlínmén)

Chamomile, amaranth & jasmine double flowering white tea. Beginning as a ball this tea opens like a flower blooming. With outer petals of delicate white tea (silver needles) and double inner blossoms of yellow chamomile flowers, pink globe amaranth, topped with white jasmine. The name translates to ‘Double Happiness’

Flowering White teas are a delicacy. Long white tea leaves – ‘silver needles’ are hand rolled with beautiful combinations of flowers sewn into the middle. What starts as a ball, will open up into a blooming tea. Amazing to watch, these teas are fabulous to share with friends. Brew one at a time in a glass teapot or carafe to watch the spectacle.

White tea is light and leaves you refreshed. The flowers used in each individual ball add the perfect floral touch to the delicate white leaves.

Hand-made 秋水伊人 ( Qiushui Yiren) Lily’s lady green blooming tea is from Fujian province; by using the top grade of tea buds from Da Bai Hao tea trees, it is hand-crafted with dry lily & jasmine flower. After brewing, you can not only enjoy the charming & sweet tea liquid.


Tips: After you are done with the blooming tea, you can take out the bloom carefully and place them in a big glass cup with cool water to display and enjoy the bloom flower shape for a few days more.
Health benefits: There are many health benefits in drinking the flower tea, such as detoxification, refreshing yourself, interior heat clearance inside your body and so on.

Use 75 degree water temperature to protect the delicate nature of the white tea leaves. You can allow the flowering tea to brew for as long as you want and it can be rebrewed several times.

We recommend brewing this green tea in a teapot with a capacity between 600ml and 700ml. To see the flower in all its glory, opt for a rounder shape that tall enough to be able to see it come to life.

Hint: Bear in mind that a smaller capacity teapot will mean that your tea becomes strong very quickly. A teapot with a larger capacity will take longer to brew and you may find that it cools down much faster. Why not top up with hot water to keep your brew going for longer? We suggest around two to three if you are using a 600ml teapot.