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  • Roogenic Anti-Inflammitea TeaRoogenic Anti-Inflammitea Loose_Leaf

    Roogenic | Native Anti-inflammitea | 45g

    Our Roogenic Native Anti-Inflammitea combines the well-known properties of Turmeric with three Australian superfoods including native lemongrass, lemon myrtle and Tasmanian
    pepperberries to calm and ease inflammation in the body.
    Native lemongrass itself has been found by Griffiths University to act as a natural aspirin and relieve pain, while the combination of the lemon myrtle, pepperberries and black pepper in the
    tea work to help the body absorb and digest the turmeric, encouraging the anti-inflammatory properties to excel in the body and improve overall wellbeing.

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  • Roogenic Native Happiness TeaRoogenic Native Happiness Tea Jar

    Roogenic | Native Happiness | 55g

    Living in a beautiful sunburnt country with blue skies and sandy beaches gives us many reasons to smile but even here in Australia, or anywhere in the world, sometimes we just need a little pick-me-up to get our minds and bodies back on track.

    This Native Happiness Tea is blended with all the flavours of a summer smile with punchy pops of Mango among our native Australian plants, with some of the ingredients in the blend used to boost happiness, ease stress, reduce anxiety, and increase focus.

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