About us

Tasty World is Perth based food company was founded in 2011. We make Tasty Food and Sweets using traditional Russian recipes. We like to follow the traditions, but we also like to be modern and dynamic. Therefore, we are trying to bring fresh notes into a traditional taste and give a new look to well-known dishes of the Russian cuisine. We name it “traditions with modern approach”.
Our exceptional tea collection started with thoughts: “Sweets are nothing without a cup of aromatic tea. If we have sweets in our store, we need to offer tea as well...”. We love tea, that's our passion. Now we are happy to share our love and passion with you. We select our assortment carefully from all around the world, trying to find interesting blends and tastes. Black, green or herbal, refreshing or warming, inspirational and calming- they all could be a treat for yourself or a great gift for your loved ones. We also offer a great range of tea-ware and accessories for your very special occasion.
Welcome to explore our store for order, to find interesting ideas and recipes and to enjoy the world of the Tasty food.